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“As an Olympian and elite athlete it is really important that I have the very best physio to enable me to compete at my optimum level. I have been working with Karen for the last 6 months and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Karen has provided world-class treatment and has really helped to boost my confidence following an old shoulder injury. Providing a full assessment, corrective exercises and monitoring Karen has helped me to excel both physically and personally. Karen is a very caring and supportive person and she really is there for you giving 110% whether treating an injury or trying to improve body function.”

“Working with Karen has been a real delight and I have enjoyed the challenges that she has set me which have kept me motivated and excited about improving the way that I move. Thanks for helping me be the best I can be!”

Ellie Koyander, TeamGB 2010 Olympian

“I have been very impressed with the professional and friendly staff at UCLan Physiotherapy Clinic. I have suffered recurring back pain problems for a number of years and am indebted to the staff who have treated me.”

“They have minimised the pain I have felt and educated me regarding continual management. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service…if you’re injured, make an appointment, you won’t be when you leave!”

Martin Baines

“I came to the UCLan physiotherapy clinic after having developed back problems from sitting all day at a desk.   Verity has been incredibly helpful at relieving some of the tension and pain, giving advice on what I can do when outside the clinic, as well as setting some goals toward rehabilitation so that I can get back to being fit again.”

“The location of the clinic is convenient for those who work on campus, as it is nice to be able to fit in a massage appointment during the day.”

Dr. Brigit Ramsingh, Lecturer, UCLanUCLan

“We were keen to develop links with UCLan and specifically with the Physiotherapy Clinic, as a school we are keen to develop our medical management of pupils specifically on the field of play.”

“Greg was able to take this on board and discuss our needs creating useful staff training sessions improving our on field management.”

“Staff all were impressed with Greg’s knowledge and skills and relating them to the coaches role.”

Evan Stewart, Director of Rugby, Lancaster Royal Grammar School

“Having suffered with osteoarthritis for over 15 years I had become used to some daily pain as well as having to undergo 4 arthroscopies. Whilst normally this is a straightforward procedure the latest operation also involved having a tear repaired in my cartilage. I had been in considerable pain and was unable to carry out normal day to day tasks so I was hoping that, as previously, this would improve my condition. The NHS aftercare for this was an open 2 week physio appointment and a booklet of exercises. After that I would need a referral followed by a 3 month wait for an appointment.”

“I felt that I wasn’t making satisfactory progress and that I needed more specific treatment so decided to seek further help outside of the NHS. I contacted Greg and arranged to have a consultation. Greg assessed my condition and then he used a variety of physiotherapy treatments which I felt were specifically tailored to my needs.”

“Over the course of the treatment Greg explained every aspect of the physiotherapy without blinding me with science so that I fully understood everything that was happening. Greg seemed to have a natural ability to put me at ease and we built up a good rapport as a result. A treatment plan was put together which was aimed to help me as an individual rather just treating a condition.”

“As a result of the excellent care and attention I received my knee is back to full use but now I also know my limits as well as having the information and guidance to manage my condition.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Greg to anyone who requires the service of a very professional, knowledgeable and effective physiotherapist.”

Janet Drittler, Your Content Goes Here

“Greg has made a massive difference to my rugby career in the 5 years I’ve worked with him. He first helped me through rehabilitation on my right shoulder after an operation, he got me back playing at the right time and improving the strength and movement in my shoulder above and beyond what it had been previously. He’s also assisted with a variety of other problems such as pulled hamstrings, tight muscles and ligament strains and his knowledge across the board on the variety of small problems I’ve had has been brilliant. He’s been able to assist me with rehabilitation programs on any injury or niggle as and when it occurs and as such I’ve been able to recover faster and have rarely missed a game.”

Oliver Brennand, Fylde Rugby Club first team, Lancashire County first team, England Counties, England development 7s team

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