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Project Description


Gregg Stevenson, I have a passion for fitness and an advocate of the benefits this brings. My passion developed when I joined the Army and realised I had to maintain a good level of fitness to be good at my job. The pinnacle of my career and fitness was completing the All Arms Commando Course.

I was injured in Afghanistan in 2009 and became a double amputee. I believe being physically fit aided my recovery. Once I had completed my Rehabilitation and was discharged from the military. I realised my fitness was declining and my weight increasing. I felt my health, posture and confidence were being affected.I set off on my own journey to find a life, work and nutrition balance that worked with my disability.

I studied and completed my Personal Trainer course which enabled me to put some theory and good practise to my plan. I am in really good shape now and am very conscious of my nutrition and the health benefits this brings. I enjoy all aspects of fitness and believe that all plans must be specific to the each person.

I am now working with many other disabled clients that are setting off on their journey.


Gregg Stevenson


Physical Training Instructor