Dani Dunn

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Project Description


Initially Dani started his career as a design engineer, designing industrial machinery for the aerospace industry and quickly progressing to a company where he was designing and installing carbon fibre production lines abroad.

After a friend suggested he check out the prosthetics and orthotics degree because they thought he would have a unique approach coming from the engineering profession, he signed up and never looked back enjoying the combination of patient focused care and engineering.

After qualifying he quickly progressed and gained enough experience to obtain a senior position as a specialist prosthetist at Preston SMRC; providing prosthetic provisions for civilians and ex-service personnel.

Dani’s engineering background provides him with a unique and innovative approach to prosthetics solutions often experimenting with new materials and processes, always with a view to improve the prosthesis for the patient. A highlight of his prosthetic career was being the first prosthetist in the UK to deliver the Genium X3 prosthetic knee, the most advanced prosthetic knee in production.

When the wind is right Dani spends his spare time paragliding near Parlick, if not he will be mountain biking at Lee quarry or snowboarding at Chill Factore being a bit of an adrenaline junkie.


Dani Dunn


Clinical Specialist Prosthetist


BSc (hons)